Traffic at Woolley Green

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Residents of Woolley will be aware of concerns about the danger of speeding traffic. This is of particular concern to residents at Woolley Green where there have been some major accidents including serious injury to residents. They are particularly affected by the increasing number of heavy goods vehicles. As a result of a campaign by residents at Woolley Green, Wiltshire Council carried out an assessment of the road, and have just made a traffic order, reference LJB/TRO/BRAD40, proposing to introduce a 40mph limit as follows:

-B3105 From a point 80 metres west of its junction with Leigh Grove to a point 226 metres north west of the access to property known as Woolley Park Farm

-B3109 From a point 60 metres north east of its junction with Berryfield Road to a point 180 metres north east of its junction with Northleigh

-Woolley Street From a point 21 metres north west of its junction with Grange View to its junction with B3105 at Woolley Green

Details of the order can be seen online on this link-

The views of residents at Woolley Green, whose representatives attended a meeting of the Friends of Woolley executive, are understood to be that while welcoming the reduced speed limits, the order does not go nearly far enough to ensure safety. In particular they feel that the 40 mph limit should extend all the way up to Leigh Park crossroads, and Forewood Common crossroads with the Holt Road; and that the section of road through Woolley Green itself should have a 30mph limit, with sensor-operated flashing signs to indicate a maximum safe speed for the bend of 25 mph.

The executive of Friends of Woolley supports the residents of Woolley Green and encourages everyone to write to make their views known.

The consultation period ends on 29th August 2017, and comments on this proposal, quoting reference LJB/TRO/BRAD40 may be made by:

Email to     or in writing to:


Lianne Bartle, Senior Traffic Order Technician,  TRO Team, Sustainable Transport Group. Highways & Transport, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire  BA14 8JN