Bellway Homes – planning application 17/03844/REM

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Bellway Homes have submitted new details for their application to build 60 houses North of Holt Road and Cemetery Lane. The deadline for additional comments on the application has been set as 16 October 2017.

 Friends of Woolley will be commenting on the amended plans and all members are invited to do so individually. It appears that the amended plans have paid little attention to previous objections so you may care to repeat these in your comments. There are some specific issues to highlight:

 1              Boundaries and fencing:  Dwellings are too close to adjacent properties, the Cemetery Lane hedge and trees and the Conservation Area.  The majority of fencing (Barge Board (wood) and rendered concrete) is inappropriate.

 2              Landscaping: There is a complete lack of landscape framework and of landscape buffers.

 3              Housing mix does not reflect BoA’s needs:  40% ‘affordable’/starter/rentable (24 ) , 43% ( 4 and 5 bed : 26 ) , 17 % other (10 ). Too many 4/5 bed houses. Arrangement of houses unacceptable, e.g. 5 X 2 bed opposite to 5 bed dwelling.

 4              House design: Poor – Out of character for setting and location. Mix of materials and styles-mostly unsuitable for local character and environment.

 5              Parking and traffic:  Need of 30 spaces for Public Open Space not addressed. Problems caused by closure of Woolley Terrace not addressed.

 6              Wildlife (particularly bats):  Original bat corridor and dark area almost completely gone. Dew pond is now covered by a road.

 7              Drainage:  Potential problems of Storm Drainage not addressed.

 8              Planting/trees: Planting plans not clear.

 9              NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework): Not addressed or considered.

 10           Play area: Location at the far south-eastern corner next to Holt Road well away from the centre of the development is very poor.

 11           Apartments building: 3 Storey, specifically forbidden (an Appeal issue).

 Summary:  This application breaches Wiltshire Core Policies and Strategies and Neighbourhood Plans policies BE1, BE2, GE1, GE2 and should be rejected out of hand.