Bellway Homes – suggested objections to revised proposals

Members of Friends of Woolley may already be aware of the development to take place off the Holt Road/Cemetery Lane. It was formerly known as the “Spitfire Development”, now taken over by “Bellway Homes”.

The development already has in principle approval, after the developer won on appeal.  It cannot therefore be stopped, but there is an opportunity to try and ensure that the development’s impact is reduced, and as far as possible in keeping with the surrounding area.

The developer has just submitted revised proposals which can be found under application number 17/03844/REM on Wiltshire Council’s planning portal –

For members who wish to comment on the proposals, the following points may be helpful in responding to the revisions proposed by Bellway, and we encourage you to write.

  • There have been some small improvements to boundary treatments but no substantive response to many of the previous objections.
  • The overall layout, design and elevations are totally foreign to the character and tradition of Bradford On Avon.
  • The layout of the development is bland and suburban as in many sleeper towns.
  • There is inadequate landscape treatment for the centre of the site.
  • The LEAP play area is located dangerously close to Holt Road rather than being within the community,
  • The design quality for the housing is of very poor quality.
  • Reconstituted stone and close-boarded fencing are quite out of character as boundary treatments.
  • The mix of housing types seems to be based on estate agents views of saleability rather than on the housing needs of the town as summarized in the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • There is lack of integration of social housing in the development.
  • The height of the three-storey apartments is out of character for the area.
  • There are serious problems with the adequacy of plans for dark bat corridors.
  • There is no obvious provision for car-less access to the town centre.

 Suggested recommendation: The revised application should be rejected outright, asking Bellway Homes to resubmit after taking proper account of the need to fit in with the characteristic built form and landscapes of Bradford on Avon.

Full details of the revisions can be found under application number 17/03844/REM on Wiltshire Council’s planning portal. Please send your comments urgently to to arrive no later than 30 January 2018.

A meeting of Bradford on Avon Town Council with an agenda item to consider the revised proposals is to take place on Wednesday 24th January starting at 7.00pm. The Town Council will make a recommendation to Wiltshire Council.