Traffic, parking and road safety

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Ann Marie Cooper has recently joined the Friends of Woolley (FoW) Executive and has offered to take over responsibility for traffic, parking and road safety issues on behalf of FoW. Ann Marie hopes to build on the ‘big wins’ achieved to date (after many years of lobbying) which include the 20 mph speed limit in Woolley village, no HGV advisory signage, and the build-out of the pavement where Woolley Street meets New Road.

Ann Marie will be compiling a realistic list of priorities to improve traffic and safety issues throughout the Woolley area (as far as the bottom of the one-way section on Woolley Street where it meets the main road).

Please email Ann Marie via the FoW website (not Facebook) if you have views or would like to get involved. A list of priorities will be taken to the next FoW Executive Meeting on 5 July and will inform future action and dialogue with the Town Council and Wiltshire Council.