A Cleaner Bradford

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Details below of a new group that may be of interest to Woolley residents –
A Cleaner Bradford
CluB (Clean up Bradford on Avon) is a new volunteer group which tidies up places in the Bradford on Avon area. We would really like all residents and businesses to keep their own pavements and road gutters clean and tidy, as we recognise that Wiltshire Council is no longer doing it.
If there are public areas with no residents, or somewhere needs a spruce up, then the CluB Work Party Team meets weekly. We start with a litter pick and then do a serious clean up! We have improved Pound Lane, Barton Orchard path, St Margaret’s Steps and around the Library, for example.
CluB can provide Hi Vis clothing, tools and equipment to independent volunteer groups working in their own neighbourhoods. Contact Derrick Hunt, 07986 972 984, email cleanupboa@gmail.com, https://sites.google.com/view/cleanupbradfordonavon or www.cleanupboa.org