New Membership Secretary

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We are happy to report that June Foster, a recently joined member of the Executive, has agreed to act as Membership Secretary for Friends of Woolley. The community within the Woolley area has changed dramatically during the last few years and we have not always had sufficient resources to track the comings and goings and welcome of new neighbours. A test exercise last year showed that there is potential for catching up. One of the first tasks will be to tidy up the membership list and start a regular reminder system to ensure that people don’t drop out of membership inadvertently. After that, reminders should happen regularly and will make it easier to have targeted recruitment initiatives to catch people whom we might have missed. For the future: a proper account of why everyone in Woolley should join the Friends, plus a survey to find out more comprehensively what members would like us to do, and what they can do for the community. For potential new members, the George and Woolley Grange have generously offered a discount on your first meal-for-two after you have joined! If you have ideas on membership development and other related matters, please contact June via