January News

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January News

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Friends of Woolley Annual General Meeting will be held on

Sunday 2 June 2019 at 3pm in The George

This is your annual opportunity to listen to progress reports from their Executive, elect new members to the latter, ask questions and raise criticisms and make suggestions for new initiatives. The agenda and papers will be issued mid-May. Meanwhile please reserve the date in your diaries.

Join the Executive

There are a couple of vacancies on the Executive now, and a further one by the time of the AGM. Friends of Woolley works best when the Executive is as representative of the community as can be. So please consider joining and working with us, or suggest neighbours or friends who might be interested. The posts don’t take up much time and you do have the opportunity to influence things. Please contact executive@friendsofwooolley.org.uk if you would like to take part.

New members wanted

Woolley is not a static community and people come and go all the time. The Executive is putting together a membership campaign, through the membership secretary June Foster, to be launched in February/March to catch potential members who have recently joined the community. This will be followed up, probably after the AGM, with a membership survey to find out a little more about what individual members would like us to do. You could help right now by contacting neighbours who have recently moved to Woolley and suggesting they consider joining.

Next Executive

The next meeting is Thursday 7 March 2019 at 19.15 in The George. All welcome.