Notes from the January Committee meeting

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A well-attended and lively meeting focused on the returns from the Membership survey in November. A good way of escaping the January gloom: try it sometime!We signed off the refusal of the Redcliffe Homes planning application. We should be prepared for any appeal by Redcliffe against the decision within the allowed six months and shall ask the Case Officer to keep us informed. In the mean time we can enjoy a well-deserved breather.We have noted some suggestions in the survey from named individuals for future reference, e.g. for some organised welcome for new members.As traffic is a top-level concern for members, a great number of comments were offered. Some issues are of long standing, some are urgent and some comments are contradictory. Prioritisation is not easy. Much has been achieved but the process of getting there is slow and may not be fully appreciated by everyone. To start with we shall draw up a note summarising current comments, past achievements and the processes at Council and Committee level that need to be understood if we are to be succeed. This will go to all members and should provide a guide to effective working with Friends of Woolley and the local and County Councils.A clean and tidy environment is another priority for members. A small group of members has been doing great work keeping the top end of Woolley Street at the edge of the Conservation area presentable and undertaking a clean-up of Cemetery Lane. There are other opportunities from time to time so don’t hesitate to draw them to attention through Facebook or the Notice Board, or to volunteer. Caroline Watson has led this initiative and is willing to continue to act as focal point.We have agreed to help improve communication with members further by making more use of e-mail and also use the occasional letterbox drop more to keep members up to date. Curiously, the FoW Facebook page seems to be visited by a good number of non-members also.We have decided not to obsess too much about filling top vacancies on the Committee for the moment, but try to get more of you to join the Committee and shape what we do. We hope this might open it up and reduce any appearance of elitism.